Behs Sumati Academy curriculum has been developed with a student centered approach and follows a learning methdology that is a combination of class room study story telling, dramatics, learning by doing, exploring different medium of art and experimentation in the activity room. The curriculum focuses on total development of the child which prepares the children to acquire reading, writing and arithmetic skills with less stress and in a more joyous manner.

At Behs Sumati Academy, every subject is taught the way it is best understood. For example, the language learning begins with understanding of phonetic sound, rather than by rote. Science is taught by doing and learning method, as are sports and co-curricular activities. Our objective is balanced development in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas.

The student are nurtured with a fine blend of academic expertise and real life problem-solving abilities to attain a higher level of awareness, understanding and affinity with all living beings.

At Behs Sumati Academy are deeply committed to the physical, emotional, academic and spiritual welbeing of the students.